Damian Pavlovic was born in Belgrade in 1975. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture.

Through period of education has always shown a talent for drawing and painting. In 1993 on preparatory courses for admission to the University, he started learning architectural pencil drawing. Although he had a great success, in year 2000 he decided to completely abandon the pencil drawing, because this technique didn’t satisfied him. In 2006 in Moscow (Russia) begins to paint and after considerable experimentation comes to his style.

Architecture requires precision and definition of each component of the building. Due to the very long process of designing and developing shop drawings often basic idea loses its taste and dynamics. This kind of work has led him to fast and uncontrollable painting. Period of painting takes only a few hours without the starting idea. Paint is poured on canvas almost by accident and painting is new for him as it is for an observer. Believes that the original does not exist. All of this is a product of knowledge he had acquired and which he subconsciously is transporting on canvas through the prism of his feelings and experience. For this reason, he called his first serie of paintings "Authentic", meaning authentically me.

In February 2014 he had his first solo exhibition in the gallery "Kvartira 7" in Moscow. He also participated in one group exhibition of paintings in Moscow and two pencil drawings group exhibitions in Belgrade, Serbia.